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Rush In, Live At Immerse

Recorded live in March 2020 at Rock of Grace Family Ministries, and in partnership with Innovate Records, this is the first album from United Worship.

  • Immerse

    Our monthly worship night, Immerse is a time where a community and region comes together, cries out to God, and watches Him move.

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  • Training

    Our priority is to inspire your team to give all of their hearts to Jesus. We offer Heart and Hand training to take your team from musicians to worshipers.

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    A ministry like this runs on the generosity of God’s people and their willingness to be used. There are many ways you can help support us, check them out here.

    Be A Blessing
  • “Everything begins by seeing something. Are you ready for a lens change in order to see yourself once again how He sees you?”

    TR Hill

    TR Hill
  • “Revival doesn’t start in pulpits, it starts in prayer closets.”

    Justin Boyles

    Justin Boyles
  • “Take off your security blanket and put on a garment of praise.”

    Will Collens

    Will Collens

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